Our design consultants take the time to know our customers needs and wants. From start to finish, customer concerns come first. The consultation period is the beginning of a long term relationship.

Clarity Media Group’s consultants are respected contributors to the audio and media industry. Click below to watch Travis Cibolski of Clarity Media Group chat with Audix Microphones Engineer Dean K about choir micing basics.

"Travis Cibolski has been a dream to work with and has responded to each and every question and concern no matter how small. Clear full range sound is now heard from every point in the room. I have to say the new Yamaha CIS makes me almost as happy as being able to feature the American treasure of jazz for a few nights every week.”"
~ , Owner of Jo Rotisserie and Bar, Portland, OR

Sound, Video and Lighting Design

Our engineers use state of the art tools, software, and continuing education in media system design to deliver worry free professional quality.

As an authorized dealer for Nexo, Yamaha, Shure, Planar and more, Clarity Media Group's designers are knowledgeable professionals, qualified to assist you in selecting the equipment that is right for you and to instruct you in its proper installation, set-up and care.

digital console

"I have worked with Clarity Media Group for 7 years. They put a sound system in at our church 4 to 5 years ago and I loved working with them. They came in and out and finished so fast and they were very professional."
~ Daniel Brazovan, Technical Director, Bethany Romanian Church, Chicago


The installation crew, under the direction of the design consultant, will work carefully to install the new system according to specifications on time and on budget with as little interruption to the client’s schedule as possible.

"I fell in love with Yamaha products after Clarity Media Group installed a head-to-toe Yamaha/NEXO system in the Canoes Cabaret, our live music venue. Our Destinations Lounge system sounds amazing through the entire spectrum and has beautifully uniform coverage in every seat."
~ Aaron Jackson, Audio Visual Technical Engineer, Tualalip Casino, Washington

Training and Education

Clarity Media Group provides on-site training for all equipment, including setup, operation, and basic troubleshooting.

"I love working with Clarity Media. They are fast, and always ready to help with whatever problems you have."

Maintenance and Services

Clarity Media Group stands behind its products and will provide service on all products we sell. Our fully trained technicians will assess the problem and repair it in a timely manner. Loaners will be available if necessary during the process.

Contact Clarity Media Group today to discuss your project needs. We work on a range of projects from full stadium installs to tuneups on existant systems in intimate venues and are pleased to provide you with a complimentary consultation.

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